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Guitar strap with Seahorses design for electric, acoustic, bass and other guitars


🎶 It is suitable for all guitars from acoustic to electric or bass, being adjustable and so easy to use!

🎶 CHOOSE THE COLOR that you wish for the LEATHER DOUBLE ENDS when adding this strap to your cart

🎶 We here at InTePro are always working to make our products close to perfection and bring you the most amazing designs, durable materials, comfortable leather endings with double layers – the best combination for creating an ideal Guitar Strap


- Adjustable from 37 to 64 inches (from 92 cm to 160 cm)
- 2 inches (5 cm) wide
- Suitable for an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and other guitars.
- Guitars with 1 or 2 strap pegs
- Genuine leather ends
- Padding added for comfort
- Cotton (satin) back of the strap (non-allergic and soft).
- Synthetic silk printed with colorful designs for long use.


Printed design on polyester silk, Satin cotton backing nonallergic, padding inside, leather double ends

🎶 We do not use any effects to change color brightness, but please note the color may vary when is viewed on different computer screens, web browsers, and even websites!

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