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About Us

InTePro Design is a company dedicated to the creativity and individuality of photographers worldwide!

      InTePro Design creates custom, handmade camera straps that reflect your personality, while at the same time our straps remain durable and secure throughout all of your adventures.
      Everyday we work tirelessly to bring you an outstanding, yet, comfortable strap that will set you apart from the rest. Our adjustable straps are the perfect accessory for your DSLR or SLR cameras.
     We are the manufactures of Guitar and Camera straps, Our belief is to uphold the highest standards of quality in all our actions. As a manufacturer, we design the products so skillfully from scratch using an organic material that wouldn't harm skin as well it is padded softly and made so strong using seven different layers that can provide a tight grip to your favorite device and can withstand perfectly across the one body.
      Our products are widely available on leading e-commerce companies as Amazon and Etsy.



    InTePro Design

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