L  i  v  e               w  i  t  h               s  t  y  l  e

Daisies Camera Strap. DSLR / SLR Camera Strap. Photo Camera accessories. 00110

Flowers are beautiful in life and as decorative motifs. The most beautiful and gorgeous camera straps contain many variations of flowers. So many colors – we know you will find your favorite!

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Add charm and personality to your camera with this adorable camera strap. Stylish camera strap for DSLR / SLR body style cameras with a focus on durability, strength and comfort. Adjustable features for preferred positioning either around your neck or across your body.

This strap fits most cameras. The strap has standard ends which thread onto your camera just like the strap that cames with your camera. Fittings which help to attach the strap to the camera are available. If you are not sure if this strap fits your camera, please let us know.

Fabric pattern position may vary slightly. We do not use any effects to change color brightness, but please note the color may vary when is viewed on different computer screens, web browsers and even websites!

Total length - 60 inches / 152 cm
Fabric length - 29 inches / 75 cm
Adjustable webbing length (each) - 15 inches / 38 cm
Width of fabric strap - 2 inches / 5 cm
Width of webbing - 3/8 inch / 1 cm
Pocket width: 3.2 inches